Saturday, February 14, 2015

Will's Loft Bed

Will's been begging for a loft bed nearly every week for the past three years.  He has a fairly small bedroom and could use the floor space that a loft bed would provide.

However,we've been putting him off for three years for one simple reason: he still sleeps like a toddler.

For those of you who may not be aware, toddlers, at least from our experience, sleep rather aggressively by moving (kicking, flinging) their bodies ALL THE TIME, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, and fall out of bed A LOT. 

At age 9, I still never know what position I'll find Will in if I check on him when he's asleep. 

  • Head at the foot of the bed
  • Pillows on top of his head
  • Blankets all on the floor
  • Him on the floor (still asleep)
  • Sideways on the bed where his head is up against the wall and his feet are dangling off the side.  

We don't even bother putting a top sheet on his bed anymore because it is a foregone conclusion that it will be un-tucked and wrapped around him or on the floor by midnight. One day about a year ago I decided that I would no longer be a slave to the person who decided everyone should have a top sheet on their bed. It was a bit of a Scarlet O'Hara "as God is my witness" moment.

However, we decided it was time because it had been a while since he had fallen out of his bed and, honestly, if we didn't do it soon, he would be too tall for a loft bed anyway.  

Here's the cover of the 15 page (two-sided) instruction booklet:
Weighing in at around 150 pounds, that's 30 pieces, not including the two rows of fasteners that went along the mattress support rails. 

Naturally, I decided to document the process.
For those of you unaware, this is Scott's "quit taking pictures and help" look. I ignored the look, at least for a little while.

 Will was a super helper on this project!


Now the fun really began.  Every mattress slat had to be fastened to the one beside it, in duplicate.

Nearing the end with the addition of the desk and shelves.

The existing fan and light fixture had to be removed for fairly obvious reasons.

Scottie made a trip to Home Depot and quickly installed a nice flush mount fixture to replace the old one.

And yes, I did insist that Will line that side of the bed with pillows as falling out of bed prevention devices.

To be honest, we're still worried about him flopping right over that rail. The double bed mattress he already had is deeper than most, so the rails are not nearly high enough in my opinion. I'm looking into some rail extensions to put up there just in case.

Typically, there is little that tests the bonds of marriage and familial kindness like a task that starts with the phrase "Assembly Required."  However, we managed to complete the bed in less than two hours and there was no profanity involved. I call that a win!

Now this is the face of one really happy boy!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Turkeys at Lake Gaston

This Thanksgiving, the HarHughGuid clan decided to gather at an amazing house on Lake Gaston for the long holiday weekend.
The house was enormous, had enough actual beds for all 15 of us (meaning no blow up mattresses had to be hauled around),a huge kitchen with every possible utensil, pot, pan or other kitchen gadget we could have ever needed, and a large table with chairs for almost of all us to sit down at the same time.
But most importantly, the lake house had a fabulous game room in the basement big enough for all nine kids to hang out in their own little world!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with tons of food and just as much love and gratitude to go around.

Sandy made the day extra special by creating a Thankful Tree in which we all decorated with leaves that said the many things that we are thankful for.

To ward off the chilly temperatures, we had a toasty fire going every day and we had lots of fun activities to keep us busy.

We played LOTS of Qwirkle.
Built and decorated gingerbread houses.
Ate lots of delicious meals.
Completed fun themed worksheets that teacher Sandy pulled out when the kids - and apparently Jason - got a bit too rowdy!
We had a Dirty Santa gift exchange that included some interesting gifts!
Jason and Jeni created a HarHughGuid kids version of Chopped! by giving each kid a plate of foods with which to create culinary magic. 

Us adult judges had to choke down some interesting combinations of cheese, candy cane, chex mix and yeast rolls. {shudder!}

We had nightly bonfires by the water and entertained each other with songs, jokes and acting silly.

Best of all, a couple of very brave Duguid souls did a Polar Bear plunge into Lake Gaston!

We had a wonderful time and look forward to the next grand HarHughGuid adventure!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kiawah in the Fall

The kids and I spent a week at Kiawah Island. My sister Kelly was able to spend several days with us as well.  It was a trip full of new experiences and much relaxation!
We rode our bikes all over the island and found two of the marsh view towers. 
 The views were spectacular.
  One of the towers is on an island nature area.
In the middle of the week we took the ferry from Charleston to tour Fort Sumter for the first time.
The fort was really interesting and the park ranger talk was really well done. 

I find listening to the park ranger talks to be the best part of visiting our national parks and monuments. 

The gentleman telling the story at the Wright Brothers Museum in Kill Devil Hills, NC had the entire crowd so enthralled that many of us were moved to tears with his retelling of the story.  

But I digress. 

Unfortunately, you're only allowed a short time to explore the fort (less than an hour) and we felt we had to rush through to see as much as we could.
One thing that took up a lot of time on the fort was finding all the answers to the Junior Ranger questionnaire.
Back on land, the kids passed their test, took the oath and got their Junior Ranger badges as well as their names on the Junior Ranger wall of fame.
The last of firsts on this trip was kayaking the Kiawah River.  It was hot and exhausting but fun. 
We also had the added pleasure {sarcasm} of paddling against in the incoming tide on our way out and against the outgoing tide on the way back in.  

We'll definitely check the tide schedule before the next time we go out!
And so you can say you learned something while reading this, the Kiawah River is not an actual river but is instead a salt marsh and estuary. Now, don't you feel smarter?
We had a wonderful visit and look forward to getting back down to KI in December.