Monday, March 10, 2008

Just when you thought...

...there was no way we could fit any more stuff in our den, we did. Well, Scott did.

I think this is payback for my begging that he remove his ridiculously massive recliner from beside the couch. He did eventually remove the giant-sized chair on his on volition but mostly because he got tired of watching Will nearly snap off a limb while playing with the leg rest part.

Still, I knew the extra space could not go unoccupied for long - it was just too temping for my hunter/gatherer. And so now, as of last evening, we have this...
Yep. Apparently it was too good a deal on craigslist to pass up. It came with what you see here, 12 fish (one of which already got to go on a field trip down the toilet - wink,wink) and lots of other accessories of which I plan to have nothing to do with. The one item it is missing, in my opinion, is one of those treasure chest thingies that opens up with air bubbles - Scott assured me that he will put one in there for me. 

I have to admit the kids love it. This morning Will came down and saw the one larger fish (about 1 1/2 inches long) and started screaming excitedly "A shark, a shark...look Mommy a shark!"

Goodbye once again, nice clean corner. Sigh. It was nice to have known you for a while.

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