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20 Years Ago... Part VI: The Wrap Up

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So it is September 1989 and I have just arrived back in Lake Buena Vista, FL to be a permanent Disney cast member. The phone rings and it's Scott. We chat for a bit and then he asks if I want help bringing my stuff into the apartment. I said, "well that would be nice, but it would be difficult to do all the way from Crawfordsville IN." To which he replied, "actually I am in town so I will be right over."

Ok, what in the world was he doing in Florida?? He was supposed to be at work in Indiana. So, when he arrived at my door, I asked him, "what in the world are you doing here?" And he said, " I came to help you move in."

Sidebar: Scott always professes that he is not a romantic. And he isn't. Not in the giving flowers, jewelry, candle light dinner kind of way. Because his personal love language is "doing things" behind the scenes. Nothing flashy. Rarely verbal in any way.

He shows love and caring with understated gestures. Like driving all the way to Florida to help me move in. Or helping a friend install new computer hardware or software. Or installing motion sensor lights in the bathroom when the Eliza Grace was too short to reach the light switch :)

But I digress....where was I? Oh

I was floored! Did he really just say he took a week of voluntary temporary layoff and drive 900 miles to help me move a couple of boxes into my apartment? What was going on here?

Well, to say I was clueless is an understatement. But, come on...this was Scott. My buddy. The tall guy. Geesh, I could not see past his sternum, for crying out loud! Was he interested in me as more than a friend? Hmmm...I thought a lot about that over the next couple of days. And this time when he left, I really missed him. In fact, we began talking on the phone at least once a week after that (and that is pretty monumental, let me tell you, because Scott HATES talking on the phone).

So, we planned to get together again.

By now it was April 1990. I flew to Indiana and we drove to Chicago to visit InX buddies, George and Laura, who lived in and near Chicago, respectively. We met and stayed with George's aunt and uncle, toured a small, local brewery (a highlight for Scott!) and went to the top of the Sears tower (first time for me!). It was all very innocent and fun.

But then, the night before we were to drive back to Indiana, I got tired of waiting. Yes, that's right. I was waiting for that first hand hold or first kiss or a first....something! But no, Scott was playing it cool. So I took matters into my own hands.

On April 21st, 1990, right there in Gene and Myrna's third floor playroom, I made my move. Using the excuse that I missed his birthday earlier in the month and had not gotten him a present, I offered him a kiss as my gift. Well, I tell you honey, that is all it took. And since my mother, relatives, friends from church and someday possibly my children might read this, I will not elaborate...except to say it was just some smooching - come on, we were 22 years old!

So we agreed that we certainly had a "thing" for one another.

Now, in an effort to quit dragging this story out for another couple of months, the timeline of the next 18 years went like this:

April 1991 - Jacque cannot take one more tourist asking her "What time is the 3 o'clock parade?," turns in her mouse ears and moves to Crawfordsville, Indiana

February 1993 - Scott finally decides to quit fighting the inevitable and decides marriage will not kill him. Together Scott and Jacque pick out an engagement ring at the Camel City Pawn shop in Winston-Salem, NC (You are surprised? Do you KNOW Scott??)

September 1993 - Scott and Jacque tie the knot with nearly every member of the InX in attendance. Karaoke anyone?

October 1994 - Jacque and Scott adopt 4 month old Lucy puppy from the Crawfordsville animal shelter and thus their first "baby" arrived

October 1996 - Scott and Jacque move to Cary NC (thank you, Lord Jesus!)

January 8, 2001 - Elizabeth Grace Hughes was born - 8 lbs, 8oz and 21 inches long

November 23, 2005 - William Foster Hughes was born - 8 lbs, 8oz and 22 inches long

And that pretty much brings us to today.

20 YEARS later.

But every now and then, when I am driving down the street on a warm summer day, a certain smell or song suddenly flips a switch in my heart and I get that nostalgic, fluttery feeling in my tummy.

And, just for an instant, I am back in Florida, with no cares, no worries, lots of sun and lots of amazing new friends.

The feeling is wistful and fleeting, but it feels really know what I mean?

And all it started 20 years ago.....with one piece of paper....taped to a dorm a girl named Holly....who knew a guy named Scott.

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