Monday, July 20, 2009

Maybe We Could Sell It?

Eliza Grace and I LOVE tomato sandwiches. But, as you may already know, tomatoes at the grocery store are really expensive....especially if you want the big, deep red, vine-riped kind.

So, after seeing the commercials for weeks, and listening to Eliza Grace pine away for tomato sandwiches, Scott went out and bought the "as seen on TV" hanging vegetable planter.

We bought a small tomato plant, Scott planted it and then hung it up.

And we waited. And we watered. And we waited.

And, low and behold...a bud!

Just one.

Every morning and every evening the kids rushed to see the progress of our one single tomato. From tiny yellow flower to green little ball then orange then red.

The whole point was to grow our own Big Boy tomatoes, thereby saving all kinds of money at the grocery store. Well, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Hanging Vegetable planter = $9.00
Already sprouted small tomato plant = $3.00
One single small tomato = Not so priceless.

$12.00 + the miracle grow we threw in there for one, single, less-than-a-half-a-pound tomato. I could have
bought about 4 pounds of tomatoes at the store for the same money.

I mentioned the above in front of Eliza Grace, and, always thinking, she said, "maybe we could sell it?"

No way! We will pick that tomato, slice it carefully, gently sprinkle it with kosher salt...and have enough for
each of us to have one whole bite.

**Addendum to the post above - We picked the tomato,
sliced it in quarters and each had one small bite. It was delicious!**

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