Monday, June 21, 2010

Today I am an Explorer!

So Long Ladybugs!

Last Friday, Will transitioned from the Ladybugs to the Explorers class in preschool.

This is a big deal because this is the last class he will be in until he starts Kindergarten in July 2011!

After touring and interviewing 8 different centers, we chose to send Will to Kids R Kids of Cary (KrK) when he was 18 months old, which coincided with when Eliza Grace started Kindergarten.

It was a difficult decision for me, as I had many times espoused how I would not send my children to daycare. I had a definite bias against the traditional day care environment. Which explains why I called his daycare "school" from the first day. I think it made me feel better.

However, we have had a wonderful experience with KrK. We love the Moye's who own and operate the center, we love the teachers and we love the environment. And I really love the in-room and playground cameras that I can watch from my computer. It has given me great peace of mind and allowed me to peek in on my boy throughout the work day.

For the past 3 years, Will has changed classrooms about every six months, moving with his peers into age appropriate classes. Now he will end his tenure at KrK in the Explorers class.

He has been a little weepy over not being with Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Amanda everyday but he is also excited about the change. He is particularly thrilled about having a new block center and home center in which to play. And today, as he got dressed he reminded me that, "today I am an Explorer!"

So goodbye Ladybugs, hello Explorers. Next stop (in just over 12 months): Kindergarten!

The bat cave!
Blocks! I must build!

Oooo! New home center, complete with workbench and tools!

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