Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Are We Thinking?

It's not unexpected that, since Will now has the ultimate pirate-themed bedroom, Eliza Grace would ask for a new room theme of her own.

We reminded her that a mere four years ago she chose the paint, curtains and other accoutrement that now dons her bedroom as well as a complete four-poster bedroom suite to boot.

Pffftt. None of that meant much as, "please oh please, I really want to redo my room into something special!"

Her first proposal was, and I am not kidding, a mural of Golgotha, complete with three crosses on the hill. The heart-felt sentiment is absolutely precious. The reality is a bit much. How do you tell your child that the site of Jesus' death is not the very best choice for bedroom decor?

Thankfully she decided on an alternative theme in the end: under the sea. This we can handle. I think.

From the top of the door and window casings up will be sky blue with a few clouds and, if I get adventurous, a few sea birds in the air. From the top of the casings down will be the blue sea teeming with life. And the ceiling will be covered in glow-in-the-dark stars, moons and other heavenly bodies.

So once again we are spending the weekend painting, rearranging, cleaning up spilled paint, painting, rearranging, cleaning up spilled get the picture.

After all this redecorating for the kids is done, I am going to claim my turn and finally take down the miles of green and black leaf wall paper in my bathroom left over from the previous owner. (I know, Gwen, it is about time!)

I'm thinking about a cottage inspired look, with bead board, a chair rail and a pretty Cape Cod color on the walls.

But first, I have to get back to the sea!

Sneak peek: the blue sea color
We started with the glow-in-the-dark ceiling first.
I have to admit that this looks really cool in the dark,
which I will try to capture next time


kris said...

No--I am not a bit surprised.
What an awesome memory that will make that you can tell at her wedding.

Holly said...

Heather did a cieling like that for Zack and Quinn in their last Tampa house. She even painted the cieling a dark navy. The whole thing looked really cool, but the dark cieling didn't fly too well with potential renters when they were moving.