Friday, February 25, 2011

Say Hello to My Leettle Friend!

(Everyone knows that the title of this post should be read with an accent, right?)

We have a new member of the family. Allow me to introduce...

Chewbacca Hughes. But we call him Chewie.

(Don't you just love that little Superman pose puppies do?!)

Chewie is a Schnoodle (1/2 mini Schnauzer, 1/2 mini Poodle), which means he does not shed and is hypoallergenic. This is key when three out of four members of your family suffer from seasonal and/or all year round allergies. (I'm looking at you, Scottie.)

How did we pick his name, you ask? Well, Scott and I picked him out at the breeder last week and brought a picture home to show the kids. We put his picture up on the big TV and told the kids to focus on his face and tell us what name they thought would work.

Will took about five seconds and then pronounced, "Chewbacca." And that was it. Of course he added that, "We could call him Chewie or Fuzzball or Walking Carpet because that is what people in Star Wars called him, too!" Ah, the child loves the classics, what can I say?

Eliza Grace did offer up Hagrid, which was given serious consideration. But eventually all four of us agreed upon Chewie.

Unfortunately, I have already called him Lucy twice and Saber, the neighbor's dog, once. Scott said he has called him Will once, too. And I find it too easy to call him Chew-chew. Little fella may be a tad confused.

Needless-to-say, we are all smitten with our new pup and we are fairly certain he is down-right pleased to be hanging with us. I just know Lucy is looking down from heaven at her little brother with a happy little bark!

Hanging with my Pops
Hey, you smell good!
I get two of these little people to play with?!
Hang on a sec dude, got an itch
Mom, enough with the pictures already!
Ok, someone point me to the kibble!
I'm a little tired. Mind if I just take a little rest right...zzzzzz

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Leigh said...

So cute! First night should be interesting! Hope he settles in nicely. Looks like the kids have already taken to him! Love the name!!