Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Big Day

Well, we knew this day would come.

It's wonderful to see my children grow and reach ever closer to the man and woman that they will someday become.

But today, thankfully, he's still my little boy. Even if he is now a Kindergartner!

Ready to start a new adventure.
Big Sis is there for support and encouragement.
Heading out the door.
He's really going!

Chewie wants to go to school, too.
"Bye, Mom!"
Did you really think I would let him walk to the bus stop without me?

I followed the poor children, camera clicking away.
Name tag on and ready to go.
Backpacks ready to be slung over shoulders.
"I see the bus!"
And as soon as the door swung open...he burst into tears!

Oh my, that was hard.

But with Mom, Dad and Eliza Grace's encouragement that all would be well, he walked onto the bus...still sniffling but very brave.
And then he was off...
...on a grand new adventure!

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