Monday, October 3, 2011

Wrapping Up 10 Days of Disney

Yes, finally, the last batch of images from our fabulous vacation.

Favorite ride: Test Track (EPCOT Center).  We rode it 6 times...mostly because we felt we needed to break our record of 5 times from 2 years ago.
"Hey, my t-shirt says Test Track, too!"
This is Will's "Let me take you for a drive" face sitting in the convertible Camero after riding Test Track.
 We had lunch Hollywood Studio's Pizza Planet.
Will practices his Pluto wink.
Eliza Grace got to introduce "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" to the crowd.
Eliza Grace loves Disney pin trading! 
Favorite character: Eeyore!
T-I-Double G- Rrrr!
Love the live shows at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Nemo and Lion King are so darn good!
Little kids and big dogs.
Scott and I both survived Expedition Everest - the worst part is hearing the people scream as they slowly climb up the track while you are waiting your turn to ride!
Big Ant!
Not sure how we survived waiting on things to start before iPhones.  Will is killing time with Angry Birds waiting for the show to start.
  Illuminations at EPCOT Center!
Eliza Grace manning the controls on Dumbo.
 View from the top of Dumbo. Will is waving to me from two Dumbo's ahead.

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