Friday, April 6, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

On this Good Friday we wanted to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors of this amazing planet that God has given us. With that in mind, we piled into Scott's truck and headed in a westerly direction.  Our destination: the Uhwarrie Mountains (pronounced you-WHAR-ree), situated south of Asheboro, NC.

The Uhwarrie Mountains are the oldest mountain range in North America and were formed by glacier movement over 500 million years ago.

They're old.

And green.

And quiet.

And lovely.

We wound along the road enjoying the views and stopped off at one of the Uwharrie National Forest trail heads for a quick hike.

I feel such peacefulness when I am in the woods. I definitely feel closer to God when I soak in the quiet majesty of a forest.

The kids wanted to keep going and going further down the trail but, since we had not planned for a real hike, we had to turn back after a short time. 

A Hermione and Harry pose.
I think Will was trying to conduct an animal orchestra.

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