Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Weekend in the Clouds

Last weekend, Scott and I took the kids and headed to Winston-Salem to visit with my Mother.  Well, truth be told, we went there to visit with my mother but also so she could watch the kids for us so we could spend Saturday in the mountains, just the two of us. Thanks, Mom!

As a Fathers Day surprise for Scott, however, I arranged to extend our day away to include the night as well.

We headed to the Boone area early in the morning to check out one of the many land liquidation sales that have been going on in the mountains.

Developers, caught in the great real estate downturn a few years ago, have been forced to sell properties to liquidation companies, who in turn create something akin to an old fashioned land grab with their ONE DAY ONLY - BEST DEAL EVER sales tactics.  Scott and I wanted to see if the deals were really as fabulous as advertised and we found out that, as expected, things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

Regardless, it was a great excuse to take a relaxing drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, have a nice meal at a real! grown up! restaurant! and enjoy a lovely night at a mountain-side Bed and Breakfast together...just the two of us! (cue the bow chicha wow wow music!)
I can't say enough nice things about the Gideon Ridge Inn in Blowing Rock.
This was our well appointed suite, which included a private terrace with a lovely view.
The Inn had beautifully kept grounds, wandering garden paths, ancient looking stone walls, and fabulous little seating areas in which to soak up the views.
We spent the evening wandering around downtown Blowing Rock before heading to Bistro Roca for dinner.  Scott and I sat in the bar in comfy leather chairs and ate some of the best wood-fired pizzas we have ever had. I also had my first ever Gingerita martini.  Yum!

Back at the Inn, we kicked off our shoes, grabbed a glass of wine and watched the sun go to sleep on the other side of the mountains.

 It was a lovely getaway, one I hope we repeat soon!

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