Saturday, November 24, 2012

O Tannenbaum

Like so many, we have spent the past two days decorating our home for Christmas.

And, might I add, I really thought by this age we'd have kids old enough to do all the work for us.

Ah, God, always stretching us, aren't you?

Anyhoo, Scott and I tackled about 90% of the work while Eliza Grace and Will were with their Grandmother.  Of course we waited to decorate the tree until we were all together.

As I've mentioned before, we have an artificial tree. We've had the same tree for about ten years and I've wanted to get a bigger one for about five of those.  

Every year we say we'll buy one on big time sale the day after Christmas.  And every year we don't get out of our pajamas until somewhere around December 27th, which means that all the good trees are loooooooong gone.

So this year, with the help of a great deal from Home Depot, we got a new 9' tree!  A "snaps-together-in-three-easy-pieces-and-is-prelit" tree.

It wasn't much of a hard sell for Scott.  "I'll never have to string lights again!" he declared gleefully as he snapped it together.

For the first time ever he had to use a step stool to put the angel on top!

Santa's little helpers were on the ball.
Except for Chewie, who had planted himself firmly in front of the space heater.
Will only had to pause once to indulge Chewie in a well deserved belly rub.
I wanted to get one last shot of the finished product.

First try and it looks like we have leaping ghost. In Lego Star Wars jammies, no less.
This time it looks a lot like a curious Schnoodle poking his head in there.
Ah, finally.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou tree most fair and lovely!

Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou tree most fair and lovely!

The sight of thee at Christmastide
Spreads hope and gladness far and wide

Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
Thou tree most fair and lovely!

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