Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yes, Another Disney Post. You Can Thank Scott.

Yes, we are those kind of Disney people. 

Yes, we've been to Walt Disney World 5 times in the past 7 years.
Kids hanging with Ralph & Vanellope

Why, you ask?  

Well, it's not just because Scott and I met there nearly 25 years ago, although that does lend some weight for sure.

And it's not just for the kids, because Scott and I love it, too.

I think a huge part of why we go so often is because Scott LOVES to plan the trips.
Mickey & my gang!


He spends a LOT of time - months in advance - on the many and varied Disney-lover forums, learning everything he can about predicted crowd levels, what rides/attractions are open or closed, what routes through the parks are best at what time of day, which restaurants have the best menus for the best value, which characters will be where at what time, etc.

He knows the square footage of each of the resort's rooms, which have double beds vs. queen beds, how far one has to walk to catch a bus and what the pools look like.
Cinderella's wicked step mother and step sisters.
I told them they went a little heavy on the rouge and they claimed that they never wore makeup, it was just their natural beauty.

Scott does ALL the pre-planning and we just pack our bags, get in the car...
...and go have fun!
First time riding Expedition Everest
for Will and Eliza Grace.  Eliza Grace loved it
and she and I rode it three times that day.
Once was more than enough for Will, however.

Also, for those of you not in the know, they just opened "New Fantasy Land" in the Magic Kingdom 
New Little Mermaid ride is open
Now there are TWO Dumbo rides!

And they updated the Test Track attraction in EPCOT, so there were lots of new things to see and do this time around.
The newly refurbished Test Track.
Eh, I kinda miss the old one.
This trip was extra special, too, because we qualified for the free dining plan and had some great meals at restaurants in which we would've otherwise never eaten.  

These included the Japanese Teppan Edo restaurant in EPCOT - which Will declared the "best meal EVER!" 

The new "Be Our Guest" in New Fantasy Land
We asked about the "grey stuff"
but they don't serve it at lunch :(

We ate in the forbidden 
West Wing of the Beast's castle!

T-Rex in Downtown Disney
Loud.  All I can say is this place was LOUD! 

'Ohana in the Polynesian Resort and many more.
Stitch was his typical naughty self
and tried to steal Will's trading pin lanyard
because it had so many Stitch pins on it.
Lilo grabbed Eliza Grace's hand for
the parade around the room.

Um, yeah, they got a kick out 
of this statue's backside in the restaurant.
Thanks, Scottie, for all the planning and effort you put into making this a really great trip, once again!

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