Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013 (and Just Where Are Those Flying Cars Anyway?)

Welcome to a new year.  

As I look back at our lives in 2012, I am, thankfully, able to see more triumph than tragedy.

 More success than failure.  
More beauty than darkness.
Much, much more good in my life than bad. 

I know untold multitudes on this planet cannot say the same. I do not take for granted the quality of my life.

I thank God everyday for blessings beyond what we deserve and, selfishly, humanly, pray it continues that way.

Here's to 2013: may we all know good health, peace that passes all understanding, the abounding joy of blessing others and the choice to love and be loved.

Oh, and those flying cars they've been talking about for ages would be nice, too.

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