Friday, August 29, 2008

Hip Hip Horray for Chik-Fil-A

During Scott's recent four weeks of consecutive out of town travel, the children and I started a Tuesday night Chik-fil-a habit. It became so routine that the employees definitely recognized us each week and Eliza Grace is apparently convinced that this habit should remain part of our weekly routine. Why Tuesday nights, you ask? Because they have "extra special" kids activities or goodies on Tuesday nights. That's how they reel you in.

This past Tuesday was their back to school shin-dig, complete with balloon man, face painting and the requisite Chik-fil-a cow. Poor Will. He wanted so much to talk to and hug the cow. And you could see him mustering up his courage. And then just when he was ready to take those steps forward, he would quickly retreat to my lap.

In the end, the cow sort of snuck up on him and patted him on the head before he could get nervous about it. He smiled for quite a while after that!

Anyhoo, the face painting lady could have charged $15 person for what she did - at least that is what the going rate is at Tweetsie. Here are a few pictures of Eliza Grace. It seemed well worth the 15 minutes she stood in line to have it done. And then of course, we washed it off 2 hours later!

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Holly said...


Your blog is a blast to read! Love seeing what the kids are up to!

Today I read your final wrap-up to the INX/BC, what memories!!

I remember visiting you and Scott in your parsonage house. What a great place that was--and I remember how much work you and Scott put into it. I also remember how COLD it was at night. Murray still thinks its wierd that I crawled into bed with you and Scott, but Y'ALL HAD THE ELECTRIC BLANKET! It was a matter of survival.

Anyway, I loved your INX wrap up, and I actually bawled, BAWLED, when I read your last line...
"And all it started 20 years ago.....with one piece of paper....taped to a dorm a girl named Holly....who knew a guy named Scott.... "

Love ya, friend!