Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week 4 and the fun just keeps comin'

Scott is in Nashville for the fourth week in a row Mon-Fri this week and here is what Will looked like on Tuesday morning:

Yep, those are hives. This is the 4th outbreak of hives in his short 32 months of life on the outside. This time they are (best guess) from a virus that he apparently has picked up. The upside is that it is not likely that they are from yet some other allergic reaction...whew!

Poor kid is so itchy. It has been so bad in fact, that we went back to the Dr. at 7:30am today and got a prescription antihistamine to put on top of the 10mg of Zyrtec a day. Neither drug, by the way, really make him that drowsy.
And like a typical kid, this has not in any way slowed down his pace for running, playing, jumping, or eating.

Here's praying that Will's hives go away quickly and that ModusLink remembers that Scott has a wife and family that would like to see him home for good.

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