Sunday, December 21, 2008


One of the many things that Eliza Grace and I have in common is that we both have a deep love of tradition. But then again, I think that all humans have a love for tradition.
Traditions help us feel connected, nostalgic, part of something bigger than ourselves - a family, a community or even just part of the human race.

Anyhoo, before I wax any deeper, let me get to the point. Eliza Grace, age six mind you, has insisted upon many traditions around the Christmas holidays.

It is tradition that she and Grandmommy go to the Old Salem Candle Tea EVERY year. It is their special time together and even though this was only year number two of the tradition,
she was insistent that they had to's tradition!

Another biggie is when she and I dress up and go to see the Carolina Ballet's version of  The Nutcracker Ballet. I have to admit that I really look forward to this. It is a mother-daughter thing for sure.

I love seeing all the other families there with the little girls all dressed in red and pink with bows in their hair. Some mothers drag bring their little boys with their khaki pants, dress shirts and slicked down hair. They are all so handsome.

However, since I know that Scott would rather poke himself in the eye than sit through the ballet, we leave him and Will to their own devices and off we girls go, all decked out for the show.

And with all that as a prelude, here are some pictures of our traditional outing to see the Nutcracker Ballet!
In front of Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh
They decorate the lobby with lots of beautiful Christmas trees
My little pixie!
Waiting for the show to begin
Disappointment that the show was over...well really, she was pouting because I would not let her walk on the wall surrounding the fountain.

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