Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A low key birthday celebration

We opted for the low key birthday celebration for Eliza Grace this year. She had a friend over for dinner and a sleep over. It was too cute listening to Will call out to the "girls" (and girls comes out as a sing-songy,two syllable word when he says it.)

"Hey girls, come play trains with me"
"Girls, can I push one of the baby strollers?"
"Girls, hurry, come eat pizza!"
"Girls, wake up!"

I fully expected to have to put on my big voice around midnight to get the girls to go to sleep. Boy was I surprised. After a movie,
these gals asked to get ready for bed, got in their sleeping bags and read books to each other. I know they were asleep before
10:30pm! Ah, a mother's dream sleepover.

The next morning I took the gals roller skating and proceeded to fall so hard on my rump that I think the building shook. Needless-to-say, I went to see the chiropractor a few days later.
No big to-do. No hundreds of dollars spent. And Eliza Grace said it was one of her best birthdays ever. Gotta love it.
I brought out the pewter goblets to toast the birthday girl with sparkling cider. Pewter goblets is what we always drink from when we have pizza and watermelon for supper -
don't you do the same??
Tink on fire

It was a group effort on the candles.

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