Friday, January 9, 2009

Not gonna quit my day job

Well, I started something now.

Since I made Will a Percy the Train cake
Eliza Grace decided she wanted me to make
a cake for her birthday too.

She didn't know what she wanted so I picked
Tinker Bell and she was thrilled.

I think I did ok...sorta...well...really she
looks a little freaky. And it looks like
she had a botched nose job and she smeared
her lipstick.

But the important part is that you can
tell that it is Tinker Bell. Right?

Next year it is back to Target for cakes.
I think she looks better as a brunette!


Anonymous said...

I think that looks AWESOME. Will you make me one when I turn 40?

Jacque said...

For you, Gwenie, of course!