Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's Go To The Hop!

Well, another year of tap dancing has come to a close. As usual, around March, Eliza Grace (and I!) became fairly tired of the weekly classes and she was fine not doing dance next year. We had pretty much decided that she would do a year-round swim/stroke school on a weekly basis instead.

But oh, the lure of those dang costumes! Once she tried on her costume, the visions of being on the stage, under the lights, with a full house applauding her - well, she was a goner. I am currently looking up the schedule for next year's classes.

Her tap class this year only had six girls so they had a lot more one on one attention than they normally would. Good thing for Eliza Grace :)

Their routine was adorable. The show theme was the Little Mermaid. They were "frogs" and did their dance to the song "Let's Go To The Hop."

Below are two little video snippets. The whole thing would take way too long to upload so I broke it out into my two most favorite parts. I wish I had been dead center of the stage because her finishing pose and smile is just so incredibly adorable!!

In case you cannot tell, Eliza Grace is the second from the left. I recorded this during the dress rehearsal because video recordings are "strictly forbidden" during the live performance (which means you are forced to purchase the DVD they record for a mere $40 a pop!)

So here she is, my little frog, tapping her way to the hop!

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