Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spidey saves the day...well at least he tries!

Let's face it, Eliza Grace is a performer. Lately she is into creating "shows" that I am both required to attend and record.

There are costumes involved. There are rehearsals.
She is serious about her craft.

Themes often revolve around her many stuffed  animals.

Will is typically cast in a supporting role. But, alas, he does not take direction well. Did I mention that Eliza Grace is the writer and director, too? A triple threat!

Neighborhood friends sometimes guest star. One time the entire thing was done as an opera. That one was a wee bit painful.

Lately she is branching out into serious drama. We have villians, victims and heros.

In the video below, Will actually has the staring role.
You will note that he plays the lead with understated
grace and raw emotion.

I have included the dialogue below because I did not
want you to miss a word!

[Scene: Spider Man running around in circles - literally - to help damsel in distress (and lets just skip the fact that she is apparently tied to a bed post, with a jump rope and a silk scarf - okthanksbyebyenow) ]
Damsel in distress: Help! Help! Help! Help!

(Spider Man checks the rope and the damsel)

Damsel in distress: Are you actually Spider Man?

Spider Man: Yeah

Damsel in distress: Great. Can you help me? The Joker accidentally got me instead of Batman because it was Halloween and I dressed up as Batman. (ok, so apparently this chick knows more than one super hero).

Spider Man: (trying hard to untie the rope) Grrr-ugh! Hey, maybe I can do it with my hand! (Spider Man takes off his gloves)

Damsel in distress: Great

Spider Man: Now my hand is not disappeared any more (Sidebar: Will thought his hands had disappeared when he put on the gloves)

Damsel in distress: (said at the same time as the dialogue above) Now will you untie it already?

Spider Man: It's hard to do this.

[End Scene]

Yes, that's right, Will, it is hard being a super hero.
But you can be mine any day!b

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