Monday, September 21, 2009

Kiawah Island 2009

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to Grandmommy's beach house on Kiawah Island, SC.

Scott and I arranged it so that we had NINE whole days of vacation - in a row! First time in nine years that we have taken 6 days in a row off of work so we were thrilled to leave Cisco and ModusLink behind for a decent chunk of time.

The weather was mild and beautiful. Overall, we had a lovely time. We got to see lots of the typical low country flora and fauna.

These big fellas were all over the place, in between trees and all over house eves - as Scott found out when he walked right into a massive web that stuck to him like glue. Sometimes being tall is a hazard. Regardless, they eat a lot of mosquitoes so we left them to their snacking.

The first couple of days were uneventful, full of lots of time on the beach. The water was calm and terrific!

My gang of three getting wet

However, there were a few minor mishaps. And for once, they did not happen to me - but more on that in a minute.
Will started out with his typical "jump right in" style. I am very happy that both our kids really love the water, whether pool or ocean.

But Monday evening, 4 days in our vacation, Will fell off the monkey bars from about 6 feet up and landed with all of his weight on the top of his right foot. By Wednesday morning, he looked like this:
Thankfully, Dr. Feldman and the rest of the wonderful staff at the Kiawah-Seabrook Urgent Care center were just 4 miles down the road. The splint was a pain management intervention, as the x-rays were not clear as to whether or not he broke his right third metatarsal. Without the splint, he would not put any weight on his right foot at all, which meant he would hop, crawl or have to be carried. And let me tell you that his 42 pounds feels like 100 after about 2 minutes of hauling him up and down stairs.

Of course, if you have ever spent any time with a 3 year old boy, a little thing like a nearly broken foot and splint cannot slow them down. Since the splint was open plaster on each end, getting it wet was not an option, so we would stroll him down to the beach, remove the splint, and let him crawl and hobble in the sand and ocean.

I am so glad that it did not really slow him down or put a big damper on our fun. I am also terribly thankful that Aunt Heidi brought her umbrella stroller, as I made the decision not to bring regular stroller because I figured there would be no possible reason we would need one - silly Mommy!
We did take one day off from the beach and headed into Charleston to check out the Children's Museum of the Low Country. I definitely recommend this for the toddler to 2nd grade crowd. Eliza Grace, Will and cousin Gretchen had a great time in the many themed areas, including some of their very favorite themes: Pirates, Knights and arts/crafts.
Will - aka Peg Leg the pirate - checking out the treasure!
Bluebeard the Pirate...AAARRRGGG!

Hard 'a starboard!
"Yo ho, heros!"(homage to Veggie Tales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!")
"We are the the knights who say.....Ni!"

"It's good to be the king"
As far as other mishaps that week, Scott managed to give himself a nice burn on the palm of his hand while grilling steaks and the salt water really aggravated Eliza Grace's eczema, so I got to make a couple of phone calls to our pediatrician and a couple of trips to CVS for bandages and creams. As the one who has on more than one occasion seriously sprained my ankle, burned myself and has skin flare ups (thanks to both rosacea and psoriasis), it was nothing short of amazing that I had none of those issues this time around. Hallelujah for me!

I have some fun videos to share as well, but will save those for the next post.

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