Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Commercials, uh, I Mean Football?

While we are not typically big watchers of sports on television, the Super Bowl is our yearly exception. Especially since our beloved Indianapolis Colts are in it again!

Yes, the five very loooonnnngggg, very cold winters - that often begin in late SEPTEMBER - living in Indiana converted me from the Redskins. When you do not see the sun for months at time you begin to cling to just about anything.

But I digress.

Getting into the spirit of things, I wanted to get some Colts shirts for the kids. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a single store in a 20 mile radius that had any Colts clothing - aside from the specialty sports shops that actually believe that someone would be crazy enough to fork over $75 for a child's size logo jersey. I am not that crazy.

So, I decided to stir up what little creative juices I have and have made my own shirts for the 5 kiddies that will be with us for the big game. Total cost for five t-shirts and fabric paint: $9.56.

The 3 boys shirts have a solid Colts horseshoe on the front and look pretty good, but I really like how the girls shirts came out with this sort of feathered, tie-dyed look. For someone who is not craft oriented and often lacks patience, I am proud of how they all turned out!

Looking forward to the game, the commercials, the 10 pounds of chicken wings that Scott will deep fry and getting pics of the kids wearing my hard work :)

Go Colts!

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