Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Four Year Old Honesty

Act 1:
Scene: Lazy Daze Park @ Bond Park, Cary, NC. I am pushing Will on one of those tall swings where you can go really high...
Will, very loudly giggling: "Mommy, it tickles, it tickles (giggle, giggle)"

Me: " I know! It tickles your tummy when you go so high, doesn't it?"

Will, again very loudly: "No, Mommy! It tickles my pen!$"

Oh, my, I think I actually felt the rush of wind as all the other parental heads whipped around at this announcement...and thankfully laughed with my embarrassment.

Act 2:
Scene: Walking back to our car, Lazy Daze Park @ Bond Park, Cary NC

Me: "Will, sweetie, we need to talk about sharing some things just with Mommy quietly in her ear....

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