Friday, April 16, 2010

Goodbye, Sweet Lucy

Lucy puppy, October 1995

Today we said goodbye to our sweet dog, Lucy. A mere 6 weeks from her 15th birthday (105 to you and me!), we had to make the hardest yet most humane decision and bring an end to her pain.

Lucy was the runt of a motherless litter found on the side of the road in Montgomery County, Indiana. When Scott and I went to the county shelter to adopt our first "baby," I took one look at that little puppy, with that odd combination of Corgi and German Shepard and those silly Yoda-like ears and said "Mine!"

Scott named her Lucy for the express purpose that, if and when she had an accident in the house, he could use his Ricky Ricardo accent and say, "Luuucy, you got some 'splainin to do!"

We knew right away that Lucy was smart. I mean really smart. We had a Christmas bell on our front door when we were house training her and if she really needed to go out, she would jump up and hit the bell with her nose to get our attention. We did NOT teach her that, she just figured it out!

Another example: I (unwittingly) taught her to pee at the snap of my fingers. Standing out in the very, very cold Indiana winter, I would encourage Lucy to take care of business as quickly as possible, so I would take her out, snap my fingers and say, " Lucy, pee!" After a few days, all I had to do was snap. But that wasn't the really smart part. The really smart part was that if she knew that we were going to take her for a car ride and I snapped for her to pee, she would do her "fake squat." I am not kidding. She would pretend to pee so she could get in the car faster. Then we would call her on it and she would relent and actually go. She was a riot.

And she was sweet. Even though she was far from a lap dog, she was very friendly, loved to have her ears and belly scratched and was generally a very sweet-natured dog. More than one friend has told us that they were not really dog people but they really loved our Lucy.

Lucy spent her first 7 years as an "only child" and reveled in it. She loved to ride in the car, romp in the mountains on weekend trips to our cabin and play with her best friend, my Mom's golden retriever, Jenny.

She was fast and could turn on a dime. She would wait in our front yard for the neighborhood kids to come home from school and play "catch me if you can" with them. No one ever caught her and the kids could not wait to see her every day.

But alas, the day came when her peaceful world was rocked by the cries and coos of her red-headed human little sister. Although she definitely received a whole lot less attention, she fell in love with Eliza Grace and, as you can see, became the doting big sister:
And just about the time Lucy got used to one little person running around, along came another one, even louder and sillier than the one before. She tolerated their noise, enjoyed all of the crumbs that hit the floor, and even allowed quite a few kisses on the lips: We could not have asked for a better pet and we have been so blessed to have her as part of our family for such a long and healthy time.

We love you, Lucy, and we know that you are romping and playing with your best friend Jenny in that big, grassy field in the sky!

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