Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Day!

Eliza Grace has been counting down the days to the Salem Elementary field day for weeks.

And today it finally arrived.

The weather was perfect - 80 degrees and sunny.

The kids had a wonderful time getting wet, dunking their teachers and playing all kinds of games.

I love to volunteer for these kinds of events where the kids just have a fun time playing and being silly.

Despite the sunscreen I diligently applied, I am pretty sure I got a wee bit burned.

My station this year was the 2-man inflatable obstacle course race, which sounded like a lot of fun. And it was, but...

I have to say that after helping the 50th wet, slippery kid try to get up and through the entrance holes, I gave up trying to be delicate and just starting hauling them up by the seat of their pants and throwing them through. Which believe it or not just made them laugh and have more fun.

Did you know that there are SECOND GRADERS that are already FIVE FEET TALL and weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of EIGHTY POUNDS?? And that, despite their height, most still needed me to shove them up and onto the course??

Despite the back pain, sunburn and having an untold number of nasty wet socks kicked into my chest as I shoved them onto the course, I had a blast. And I think Eliza Grace and her best buddy, Annalisa, did too.

This just about sums the day up:
(Annalisa left, Eliza Grace, right)

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