Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playing Pirate Hooky!

I am trying to be more intentional when it comes to being spontaneous with my kids.

I know that sounds oxymoronic (is that a word?) but it is the best way I can describe it.

I have to do this because deep down I am a planner. With a capital P.

I like rules. I like to follow rules. I like to be on time. I like to know what's coming. I like to be prepared.

But I know that when my kids look back at their childhood, they will not remember (or appreciate, for that matter) how much time and energy I might have spent planning a family vacation or ensuring they were not late for school or that they went to bed on time.

What they will remember is the time their Mom took to play with them, listen to them, encourage them and just be with them. And, hopefully, they will remember those few precious times when Mom surprised them by chucking the rules out the window to have some fun.

That is what I did yesterday with Will.

After we dropped Eliza Grace off at school, I turned to Will and said, "I think we should play hooky today." The rest of the conversation went like this:

Will: "What's hooky"

Me: "It's when I take the day off work and you take the day off from school and we go play."

Will: "Really?!" (You should have seen those big, round eyes and the smiling dimples that popped out - that alone made my day!)

Me: "Yep, so what do you say we go home, get on your swim suit, throw your pirate costume over it and head to Jordan Lake for a pirate play date, complete with boat ride."

Will: "YES!"

Now, before you think I have strayed too far from my true self, I have to confess that I planned this "spontaneous" play date a week prior, after learning about this fun activity from one of Will's classmate's Mom, with whom I arranged to meet there with her son.

So in the end, I think it was the best of both worlds. I got to plan and Will got to be spontaneous and we had an absolutely fabulous time playing hooky.

I enjoyed the gorgeous sky while Capt. Willy (arrg!) was hopping around:

My pensive pirate:

Will got rid of the costume to splash in Jordan Lake
I just loved this tree growing from the edge of the shore

Will and Gabe waiting for Capt. Don to cast off

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