Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Me and My Shadow

We are pet sitting a neighbor's dog, Saber, for a couple of days this week. It is nice to have a dog in the house again.

Especially one that is fully house trained, is past the puppy stage but still in the young and playful stage. The kids wake up all excited to play with our visitor.

And having him has made one thing once again abundantly clear: I am the Alpha dog of this pack.

Scott could not get Saber to go with him to the bedroom last night, no matter the coaxing. But all I had to do was stand up and walk into the bedroom and Saber followed along and walked right into his crate.

Of course I am the one who feeds him, walks him, and takes him out several times a day. And since I work from home, he spends a lot of time laying on my office floor listening to me chat both to myself and on calls.

However, even when everyone else is home, Saber still follows me around like, well, like a puppy :)

And I mean he follows me everywhere.

When I am cooking dinner.Washing the dishes.He kept me company during my shower the other night.He patiently awaits my attention while I watch TV.
And waits for me to throw a ball while I am on a conference call.
Occasionally he stares pensively out my office window. I think that he is thinking, "I can see my own house right there, so why am I here?"Either that or he is fixated on the squirrels.Of course I love the attention and having a little buddy around to keep me company.

Yep, I think we will have to get another dog of our own this spring.

That way I can keep up my Alpha status.

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