Wednesday, April 13, 2011

He Caught Up To Me Again

Last Wednesday Will woke up and asked, "Do you know what the day after tomorrow is?" to which Scott answered, "It's my birthday!" After giving him a bit of an exasperated look, Will said, "Um, well maybe, but what it REALLY is is my first tee-ball practice!"

It was at that point I decided we should probably wait until Saturday to celebrate Scott's birthday so we could all take time to focus on the other important stuff going on in our lives.

Uncle Gus (aka George Dusek) stopped by with a birthday beer for Scott just in time to help us sing.

After four months of being the younger man, Scott caught up to me once again.

Welcome to 44, Scottie.

PS - Quit tracking the package every 5 minutes already. I am sure your new toy will arrive soon :)

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