Friday, May 13, 2011

"I'm A School-Ager Now!"

This past Tuesday Will graduated from pre-school and the ceremony was fun for both the kids and their families.

It was a nice way to say goodbye to the pre-school years and hello to the next phase of Will's life - one that will last for the next 13 years! Here's a glimpse at the evening's events.

A shy smile up on the stage.

These little cuties signed their A,B,Cs. It was adorable!
Receiving his "diploma" from Ms. Chrissy
A quick look at the ceremony.

Admiring his tassel.

Patiently waiting for the balloon release
There they go! Love that Ms. Chrissy! The three mischief makers Amigos!
(Taylor, Will & Gabe)
Still working on attention spans. Will presented each of his teachers
with a bouquet of roses.
Love that Ms. Tabatha! She tried to sneak in a smooch! Proud big sister! After the ceremony we went to dinner with his buddy Gabe's family and enjoyed a fabulous homemade cake - thanks Darla!
From now until kindergarten, which begins in July, Will gets to be in the "school-agers" room, which means a whole new world of toys, no mandatory nap time, and fun-filled field trips 3-4 days a week. 

As you can imagine, he's very excited!

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