Thursday, May 5, 2011

Play Ball!

Will's first tee ball game was this past Tuesday evening and it went very much as we expected.

He and his buddy Gabe had a blast hanging out in the dugout...
...and being silly, as usual!
Then the (Town of Cary) Colorado Rockies took to the field.

"You're in right field."
"Ok. I don't know where that is!"

Thankfully there were many wonderful volunteer coaches to help guide these guys and gals to their correct positions.

"Ok, I am in right field. Now what?"
It is truly adorable to see him "take a knee" like a little pro.
And then 3.2 seconds later, the attention span began to wane.
And the doodling in the dirt began.
And the inattention allowed the ball go right between his legs where someone else got the ball.

"Huh? Where did it go?"
Which lead directly into a super terrific glove-throwing hissy-fit and big 'ol pout session right there on the field. Arms crossed. Back turned to the batter.

We were so proud.
Scott and I held each other back since we both wanted to march out there and drag him off the field. Thankfully, Coach was there to talk him through it and get him back on his feet.
Of course as soon as they came off the field, Scott took Will aside for a private "chat" that focused on whether or not Will would continue participating on the team. I think he got the point. I hope.

Then it was on to batting.

"I'm here!"
"You're on deck!"
"What deck?"

Alrighty then.
A swing and a miss (but what a great shot by the photographer. Why, thank you!)
Look at those teeth, gritted with determination!
Let's take a look at the replay. I think the secret is in the tush wiggle right before he swings.
Poised to steal second!
Post-game / pre-snack smiles!
And a big cheer for everyone - Goooooooo Rockies!

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