Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Daddy, I Want a Fort"

A couple of weeks ago Will announced that he wanted to build a fort in the back yard.  In an effort to humor him, Scott told him to go draw up a plan and materials list for what he had in mind.

And he did.  

With labeled sections and lengths for the wooden boards. 

Rather impressive for a six year old, eh?


Two weekends, 3 trips to buy mostly scrap wood from Home Depot and a lot of sweat later, Will's fort was born.

Take a look - it's pretty cool!

Surveying the materials
Affixing brackets
Teaching Will the greatest lesson in carpentry: measure twice, cut once.
A boy and his drill
 Frame is up!
Putting down the decking
Building the ladder
Cover going on
All done and ready to play in!
Way to go, honey, in making our son's dream a reality!  Will, Eliza Grace and the rest of the neighborhood kids thank you!

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