Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And Then She Sneezed.

So yesterday after school I decided I'd better stop to get the kids a snack on our way to Tae Kwon Do. 

As I sat across the table from my babies, overcome with how much I love them, I asked them to scootch together for a picture.  I love the contrast of Eliza Grace's bright blue eyes beside Will's mysterious and multi-colored hazel eyes.

"Hey, ya'll scootch together so I can take a picture.  I want to see your pretty eyes."
"Will, just be natural. You don't have to look all bug eyed."
"Eliza Grace, now you're scrunching up your nose."
"Oh, you need to sneeze.  Look at the light, it might help.  And be sure to sneeze into your elb...."
"Oh, gross!  You just sneezed all over Will's face and arm!"
"Okay, can we try this one more time?"
"Geesh, was that so hard?  

Now both of you go wash your hands.  

And Will, wash your face and arm, too."

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