Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dads, Daughters, Dancing.

Our American Heritage Girls Troop held its second annual Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance this weekend.

As one who helped to organize and execute the event, I must say our Fiesta-themed evening was quite a hit!

Everyone had a great time and, oh my goodness, it's so fun to see Dad's and their girls being silly and dancing together.
We had games for the girls and Dads to play before dinner.
After dinner we broke out the dance tunes. Scott even got out there for the chicken dance!
We even played a couple of slow songs.  Watching them dance to Butterfly Kisses about had me in tears! 
Eliza Grace just looked adorable in her peach-colored dress.  She is growing up so darn fast!
The girls had plenty of time to be silly and hang out with one another.
And when the Dads took a break, the girls were still going strong on the dance floor.

The obligatory group shot.
Followed by the obligatory silly faces group shot.
I'm so thankful for this group of families with whom we can do life.

And this is the beaming face of a sweet girl who had a really great time with her Dad and her friends!

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