Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great is the Wolf of the Lodge

The kids' five week "summer" break from school has been lots of fun.

Horseback riding, Music & Art, and ice skating camps for Eliza Grace.  

Kids R Kids field trip heaven, Dream Sports, and ice skating camps for Will.

This past week was vacation for all of us, so we spent a couple of days at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC.

It was a quick two and a half hour drive to get there and two great days of indoor water park and Magiquest fun.

We went down all the big slides and Eliza Grace, Will and I finally braved the Howling Tornado.  

This is the water slide with the six story drop into a funnel that throws you up the sides of the funnel a couple of times before you swirl out the end.  Eliza Grace affectionately and appropriately calls it "the toilet."  Somehow, Scott never made it over to that one (bock, bock, bock).

Eliza Grace rode the Tornado nearly 30 times and, Will about 18. A lot of the time Eliza Grace rode it as a "single rider." She has no shyness about her whatsoever and would just get to the front of the line and ask anyone who did not have four riders in their party if she could ride with them.  

By the end of day one I heard at least two different groups of kids call to her by name.  One sweet little girl turned to me and said, "Your daughter is awesome."  My reply?  "Thank you, and yes, yes she is."

When not on a slide, Will favored the wave pool and I never had to look hard to find him.  He was the one on his knees on top of the tube riding every wave shouting "Woohoo!"

In past visits to GWL, it's always been so crowded that it was hard to find a table and chairs, so this time we rented a cabana just for the first day. 

The rental allowed us extra early access to the water park (11am day of check-in instead of 1pm) and it came stocked with lots of drinks, a locker rental, table and chairs for four, a TV and food ordering and delivery service.  It was nice to have but we didn't miss it on the second day and we probably wouldn't do it again.
Here's some live action of the kids on the racer slides and coming out of the Alberta Falls slides.

Thankfully there is no video of us coming out of the Howling Tornado. I'm here to tell you that there's no graceful way to climb out of those round tubes in an 18 inch pool of swirling water. None.

Scott and I were practically giddy that our kids are finally old enough for us to say, "Go play!" and then be perfectly content when we didn't see them for an hour!  

Of course, it also helps that 1. Our kids are good swimmers and 2. There are super attentive life guards EVERYWHERE so parents can be at ease.

Overall it was a fun, loud, wet, fun, exhausting, fun, crazy, busy, and fun time!

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