Monday, July 8, 2013

First Day: Middle School (gulp!) & 2nd Grade!

Five weeks of rainy - but fun! - summer break is over and now we step back into the friends, teachers, routine...and homework of a new school year.

Bring on 6th and 2nd!

My babies.
Oh my, this child needs a haircut so badly but he's been wanting to "grow it out."  I'm choosing my battles, but eventually, it will be cut.  Oh yes, it will be cut.

And even with this crazy hair, this boy is my soul.  He can be so funny and silly most of the time but he seems to understand when I just need to sit and snuggle with him quietly.  Which he does, but only if I promise not to try and kiss him on the lips :).
Chewie is the only teenager in this shot (~17 in dog years) and his school days are spent moving from the couch to nap, then to the sunny spot on the floor in the foyer to nap, then to the stairs to nap, barking at the FedEx man, then to other couch to nap, barking at the UPS man, and eventually sleeping at the entrance to my office.  

He's learned to strike the right nap-bark balance.
Oh, this girl. She is my heart.
I started worrying about Middle School when she was in 3rd grade.  Middle School is by far the most awkward, fun, strange, growing, weird, silly, frustrating and hormonal of all the school years.  And all that's before you add in fun stuff like Asperger's Syndrome. You can see why I started getting nervous long ago.  

But, guess what?  She's not worried at all.  She's excited and cannot WAIT to get in there and meet people and learn and do and explore!    

She is a voice of reason that calms me. I'm taking her lead and giving up all my worry.  

Well, most of it.  

As a mother, it's my prerogative to worry, right?

Have a great year, my loves!

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Beth in NC said...

I pray she makes some true heart-friends that can help her through all of the middle school years. ;-)