Friday, October 18, 2013

Her Gift.

Like everyone, Eliza Grace has many gifts and talents. One of these is her gift of words.

She started talking in complete sentences when she was around 18 months old. 

While some kids were saying, "Dada go to work?" Eliza Grace was saying, "Hey Daddy, what are you going to do at work today?"

While certain physical activities were more challenging (musical rhythm, balancing, riding a bike, etc.) speaking and reading came very easily.

She's the kid that you have to tell to put the book down and go to sleep a couple of times a night. 

By first grade she was writing her own books and poems with accompanying illustrations.

It's been fun to watch her writing mature as she learns more about writing styles and composition. 

Her poem entitled "The Dragons" was written as a class assignment during a unit on poetry this year.  

What I find most impressive is that her final submission was exactly the same as her first draft, which she whipped out in class when she first received the assignment.  

Earlier this week I was wading through all of the papers in her book bag and stumbled upon a hastily written poem on a crumbled scrap piece of paper.  

I asked her what it was and she said, "Oh, I wrote that in math class after I was done with the quiz.  It was just something that was on my mind."
As someone who also loves reading and writing for pleasure I sometimes wonder if it's just me that thinks she has a gift in this area.

But then I read her words again and I realize, it's not just me. She does really have a gift.

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