Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here I am!

Well, so now I am officially one of those... a "blogger." What an odd word. Anyhoo, I have always had this desire to keep a journal, you know, a legacy of my life...yadda....yadda. 

Apparently I am too lazy for the actual written word but obviously it does not affect my ability to find time to type. So, here I am. Blogging to keep a journal (of sorts) of my life - at least from the age of 40 (yikes - am I really 40?!) Perhaps to also some day provide fodder for that novel that I secretly desire to write -wait, did I say that outloud?

I have no idea what I could possibly post here that anyone, other than maybe my mother, would enjoy reading, but oh well, here I go.


sqhughes said...

No, you're not 40. You're 41.

I'm 40.

amyd said...

Look it's a bird! I look forward to your blog. :)

Jacque Hughes said...

Oh, thank you so much hubby dear, for reminding me that not only am I older than I thought I was, that I am also suffering from memory loss!

Sarah said...

Hi Q, so the 41 is the truth! i know it all too well. glad to see pics and hear what is going on. i know nothing about the blogging world, but i'll happily look on. Can't believe how big and beautiful the kids are! Love ya, S