Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it the full moon?

So is it the full moon tonight that caused my 2 year old to be more bi-polar than normal? Or my 6 year old to go "full drama" over a loose tooth?

After a rather long work day, which included no fewer than 4 one-hour long conference calls, I just wanted to pick up my children and head home. Of course it was now 5:25pm and I had absolutely no clue what I was going to feed my family - looked like another night of saffron rice mixed with sour cream, fish sticks and broccoli - oh yum.

So we enjoy the magnificent feast before us in near harmony (thanks once again to Blue's Clues -sad state of affairs, I know). So much so that I actually offer ice cream as a thank you for the decent behavior. And shortly thereafter is the point at which bi-polar behavior sets in.

What switch is thrown in the mind of a toddler that causes an all out, writhing on the ground crying fit over the placement of the humidifier tank back in its spot? I mean come on. And how can a six year old stand to have a front tooth hang on by a thread for weeks on end?? It is driving me crazy. Why, it bothers me so much I have no idea. Oh, but the tears, promises and drama that comes with the thought of getting it out.

Could I have ever been this exasperating as a child? Well, maybe once or twice, but I am sure it was only during a full moon.

(Proof below that despite it all, they are my sweet angels)

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