Thursday, May 1, 2008

And so it begins....

So I admit that we were extremely "blessed" with the whole potty training thing with Eliza Grace. Around her second birthday we introduced her to one of the most powerful motivating forces on the entire planet: the M-n-M.

That's right. Never underestimate the power of that tiny morsel of candy-coated chocolate goodness. Our policy was "one for tinks, 2 for poops." And in 3 days, we were done. Well, with the "training" part, but not the M-n-M's. I believe it was well past her 4th birthday when I finally declared that she was too old to expect a "pooping treat" any longer.

Well, here we are with little man Will. From his second birthday (last November) up until last night, asking if he wanted to sit on the big potty was met with a resounding "No!" Actually, some times he would say, "uh, no tanks" with a smile.

But last night just before bath time, in an effort to avoid his peeing in the tub ritual, I undressed him, walked him into the bathroom, sat him on the potty and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Me: "Will, do you want an M-n-M?"

Will: "Yes!

Me: "Well, go tinkle on the potty now and you may have an M-n-M"

Will: "ok"

And lo and behold, he tinkled away! Of course, not owning the equipment myself, I was a little befuddled as to what the rules are on the whole shake, wiggle or whatever they do when done. But since he was sitting, we used a wee bit of tp. And then the high fives, big hugs and lots of praise ensued. Of course, Will was thrilled with all of that but really he just wanted his M-n-M.

So we will see if this is a one shot deal or a trend in the making. Suppose I need to get some Lightning McQueen undies to have on hand.

Wish us luck because we need to use the diaper money to buy gas!

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