Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Lovie Returns!

There were squeals of delight and a few tears shed (by me, of course) as Billy, the lovie, returned from his extended vacation in Myrtle Beach.
[If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out an earlier post here that will bring you up to speed.]

Billy arrived Monday via snail mail from the Landmark Resort.
And it only took 9 phone calls, 4 voice mail messages, 2 un-returned calls from the general manager and 15 days to happen.

But of course, it was not the hotel's fault we left him there in the first place and we are VERY grateful that they returned Billy intact, unscathed...and not COD :)

He was, however, a wee bit stinky. I have a feeling that he found his way to the bottom of a laundry pile of dirty sheets and towels from an entire floor of the hotel - eeewww!

Thus, immediately after his arrival, he was thrown into the washer and was dry in time for Will to arrive home from school for the big reunion. As you can see, Will is very happy to have Billy back in his arms safe and sound.

Some other time I will tell the story of how Betty (Billy's sister) once had a camp out in a field all by herself. Hmm...sensing a pattern of "lovie neglect" here :)

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