Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And the wait is over!


Ginormous kudos to! I got my camera today - less than 48 hours from the time I ordered it...with FREE shipping!

So the deal with this camera is that it is at the very bottom of the SLR camera family. Great for novices like me who want to take really great pictures right out of the box and then have the ability to learn to use the features as I desire. And it did not cost me a mortgage payment :) it.

Not really sure how much better I could do above and beyond what I have done in the past couple of hours with the basic auto features though...take a look!

First, the standard flora and fauna up close shots...these are un-retouched...and from my yard :)

little red rose

little pink flower

I love the detail of the "hair" on this plant

Minnie Mouse (our fish) thru the glass tank

And then some family shots (the plant life was way more cooperative!):

kids and hubby

the kiddies

Will says, "Help! Attack of the kissing sissy!"

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