Saturday, September 27, 2008

More fun with my camera

I have been enjoying my new camera. I do wish I could spend more time to really learn about the different features, but all in due time, I suppose.

Today Eliza Grace, Will and I went to "Henry Paloozza," an event to help raise money for a couple who is adopting their second child from China. It was fun, full of bounce houses, face & hair painting and the kids got to see their first hot air balloon up close and personal.

It took hearing the blast from the flame machine (or whatever you call it) at least 10 times before Will would stop running to hide behind my legs.

And where was Scott while we were having fun eating free cotton candy and listening to great live music? Well, he was working on his latest cooking contraption: a home made smoker.
What you see here is a ceramic flower pot sitting on a single electric burner. Inside is a cast iron skillet on the bottom with hard wood chunks in it and then a grill grate, upon which the food sits. It is all topped with a ceramic flower pot base. Scott drilled a hole in his "lid" in which he inserted the thermometer.

Alton Brown of the Food Network has had quite the effect on Scottie and I for one am THRILLED! Tonight, if all goes well, we will have some very yummy chicken created in his flower pot device. Things look quite promising at the half way point!

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