Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkins & Princesses & Potters, oh my!

Halloween. Need I say more?

Eliza Grace began talking about Halloween costumes 'round about August. 
In the end, she thankfully chose to wear her ridiculously overpriced recital costume from last year and went as a ballerina princess. So now we are down to $25 per wear for that one.

Will kept waffling.
"I want to be a ghost"
"I want to be a pumpkin"
"I want to be nice ghost"
"I want candy...where is the candy??!!"
So, going to the best known source of everything, I asked the other moms at the bus stop, and thankfully my next door neighbor had a pumpkin costume that fit cut up the crotch a bit, but hey, he only had to wear it for a couple of hours, right?

And Will, who could not WAIT to get out there and start bringing in the sugar, happily ran with the other 10 kids up to that first house, someone rang the door bell and when the door opened, they all yelled, "trick or treat!" at the top of their which point Will burst into very loud tears and began running down the steps screaming "moooommmmyyyyyy."

And that, ladies and gents, was the first and last house he went to. He hung out in the stroller as we went up and down the street and just enjoyed the view.

Thank goodness that Eliza Grace's bucket was eventually overflowing and she was willing to share :)
Posing before the hunt begins
"um, mommy, my heiny is bugging me" (I LOVE Eliza Grace's expression in this picture)
Lookin' goooooood...
Will bringing up the rear at that first house....moments before he came tearing back down
Some of the gang posing at a house...we had  two Harry Potters in our group this year!

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