Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Was A Beautiful Easter Morning

Last Sunday's Easter morning was beautiful - perfect for celebrating God's most wonderful gift, the resurrection of Jesus, our Savior!

We celebrated with Heidi and Gretchen at church and then headed home to take some pictures -since for once we all looked pretty good!

Then, with picnic baskets packed, we headed
to the park. A perfectly lovely afternoon.
I cannot remember the last time (or possibly any time!) all four of us have been in a picture at the same time.

Eliza Grace's "sweet" pose
Being silly

Aunt Heidi & Cousin Gretchen looking beautiful
Cousin buddies!
Will refused to change out of his sweater vest that he had waited weeks to wear. Thus the British school boy look. All he needs is a beanie and a scarf!
The tire swing is always a big hit... is the sand box.

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