Friday, April 10, 2009

A proper birthday celebration

Eliza Grace is an excellent example that humankind was not designed to be idle.

Despite the fact she was home with a fever (which lasted 4 days, what's up with that?!), she kept herself busy preparing for her Dad's birthday.

First she made him a kite out of construction paper and sticks (complete with curling ribbon tail). Then she made him a train engine out of an upside down
gift bag and more construction paper.

Then she decided that we should have a fancy table for dinner. So we pulled out the white linen table cloth and napkins and the rarely used china and nice silver.

While I was on a conference call, she created her version of place cards, which were paper napkins with each of our names written on them and then tied to our respective chairs.

But the best part, in my opinion, were the party hats she made. She took what she learned from
a show on the Disney channel that very morning and made party hats for Will, Scott and herself.

She ran out of time to make one for me, but really, Scott looked pretty ridiculous in his, so I was not the least bit upset!

Scott got to eat on the "blue plate special" plate, which in our house is reserved for someone celebrating something special!

Our hand made placecards

I told you he looked ridiculous!

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