Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She Gets It

Eliza Grace's first grade class has been studying and writing poetry. The other day she brought home a book of poetry written by her class.

Most of them were typical first grade fare:
poems and illustrations about balloons,
fat cats, flowers and trips to Disney.

I eagerly turned the pages looking for Eliza Grace's poem. And there it was.

So simple.
So clear.
And so lovely.

As parents we talk and lecture and pontificate
on how best to treat friends, strangers and even those who are unkind. And when our children are in our care, in our eye sight, within ear shot, we can easily monitor when they slip, reign them in and congratulate them when they make the right choice.

But when they are not in our care, when they are at school or camp, we wonder "do they get it?"

When I read Eliza Grace's poem I sighed with
pleasure because, at least for now, I could tell that she got it.

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