Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Beach

We spent last week in a little cottage on Holden Beach.

We spent hours playing in the sand and surf.

All four of us are sporting the best tans we think we have ever had.

The kids and I got our nice tans using SPF 60.

Scott used SPF 15 and 30, thus he had a day or so of burn. Silly man.

My happy place is definitely the beach.

This trip we were able to be slightly less vigilant while watching the kids.

I actually read a book WHILE they played in the water.
It was blissful to say the least.

Eliza Grace catching some waves

The water was chilly on occasion, which had Will acting and looking
like a little old man, all wrapped up in between swims

We had a fun afternoon outing down to Myrtle Beach's Broadway at the Beach

We lit a few sparklers in honor of Independence Day.
Why is it people say "Happy 4th of July" instead of "Happy Independence Day?"

And now for your viewing pleasure...and apologies in advance for the wind noise!


Riding the waves

Will dancing. Yes, that is dancing.

Will rides one in.

A big one:

Fearless One

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