Monday, July 26, 2010

Yo ho, Yo ho...Well, You Know The Rest

This past weekend I was finally able to make good on my eight month old promise to transform Will's bedroom into a Pirate room.

Scott seemed a bit skeptical when I explained how I would paint the sky, island and ocean but it was my project and he dutifully handled all the higher painting and trim work.

I think it turned out well, with a lot of credit going to the Olive Kids Wallies that gave it a little less amateurish look. They were very easy to apply.

I still need to find a coordinating blue bedspread but Will is thrilled with the room. In fact, he woke up first thing this morning, gave me a big hug and and said, "Thank you for my pirate room Mommy." And, really, that is what makes it worth every minute of work.
"So Will, what do you think about all this pirate stuff?"

1 comment:

kris said...

It looks awesome! Great job, Jacque.
You're MY treasure:)