Friday, July 16, 2010

Too Much Of A Good Thing

So there I was, working away in my home office, writing a script for a Director to record as a VoD (video on demand), answering emails and instant messages, all while listening to conference calls.

I am that multi-tasker. And most of the time being that multi-tasker is a good thing.

Since it was lunch / potty break time, I stood up and as I wandered past the laundry room, realized that the dryer was done, so naturally I opened the dryer door and started to fold some clothes.

At which time I noticed a plastic tub Scott uses for brining chicken sitting on top of the washer instead of sitting on the shelf above the washer where it belongs.

So I turned around, grabbed the step stool so I could put the tub on the shelf and when I moved the stool I noticed approximately seven and a half years worth of dust in the corner.

I then went directly to the closet and grabbed my Dyson and, with the appropriate attachments, began to suck up the dust dinosaurs along the baseboard.

About this time I turned and noticed the dryer door was still open (clothes still in it, mind you) and thought I would suck the lint off the filter.

When I went to replace the filter I thought, "Man, there is a ton of lint way down in there."

Before I knew it I had changed vacuum attachments, grabbed a flexible rubber tube (about 1/2 inch in diameter), inserted one end of the tube into the vacuum attachment and the other into the narrow crevice where the dryer lint filter goes and was trying to suck up the massive amount of lint that, for goodness sake, could cause a fire in there some day!

And then I thought, "What in the heck am I doing?!"

So I stepped away from the Dyson, closed the dryer door, backed out of the laundry room and returned to my desk.

Never folded the clothes.

Never ate lunch.

Never made it to the bathroom.

And that is why working from home requires way more self-discipline than sitting in a cube in an office somewhere.

And it is also why being that multi-tasker can really be too much of a good thing.

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